Optimism.  Potential.  Energy.  Adventure.  Enthusiasm.  Those are just a few of the words that come to mind to describe youth today, and our youth at Laurier.  We have an amazing group of young people, who are eager to welcome more young people into our community. 


We love creating space for teens to be together and experience this amazing world, to serve others, and to discover a very real Jesus. 


Sometimes we do crazy things like toboggan-bowling; we also do simple things like grab cameras and explore the river valley;  Sunday mornings we open the Bible and discover Jesus;  we go on trips together including one during the summer of 2016 where we served a First Nations group in the Victoria area; and in all of it we thrive on being together in a space that is engaging, authentic, creative, risky, and significant.


Our group meets weekly on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.  For up to the minute info, email our Family Ministries Pastor Steve steve@lhbc.ca