Join us for Family Worship

Sunday 10am


I’ve been reflecting on what it means to experience worship. In worship, members and congregations are formed in the ways of Christian discipleship. They are helped to become effective witnesses of the values and behaviors that God wills for humanity. Often this requires us to stand against the selfish individualism rampant in many places. Worship helps us maintain our true identities as believers who are claimed by God’s boundless love for all and share this love with all they meet.” -Gandhi

Two points stand out for me in this explanation when I attempt to define the meaning of worship:

  • The first idea is that worship is “action.” In a world centered on entertainment, worship is not the passive experience of simply watching. Leading worship is about engaging people in a collective action of being formed and weaved together as Christian disciples in a faith community.
  • The second idea is that worship is about helping the participants become “effective witnesses.” Missional worship pushes against cultural pressure to be me-centered. It moves us from me to we. Missional worship guides us in looking outward and understanding our part in being the hands and feet and words of Jesus in the world.