One time Jesus was in the middle of a busy time doing all kinds of important stuff with adults, and some parents and kids showed up.  Jesus’ followers didn’t want them to bother Jesus, so they tried to get rid of them.  But Jesus noticed, told off His well-intentioned but completely wrong followers, and went straight to those kids.  Jesus smiled at them.  He looked them in the eye.  Probably winked.  He put His hand on their heads, and spoke a blessing over them. 


At Laurier, we do the same.  Children are more than welcome here, they are celebrated.  A great team of loving adults offer spaces where children can interact, play, learn, and be a vital part of an intergenerational community.  We have age appropriate classes for all children during our Sunday morning worship time, including a nursery for children under 2, a preschool class, and two elementary aged classes.  

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