Gord Freiter

Lead pastor

Pastor Gord has been our lead pastor since 2014.  He married Elizabeth in 1982.

They are very thankful for and proud of their daughter Andrea and her husband Joel and their beautiful grandchildren. 

Gord is passionate about helping people connect with God and others and loves spending time with friends. 

He is almost obsessive about cycling, hunting, hand to hand combat and great coffee.


steve simala grant

pastor of family ministries

Steve loves God, his family (Joanne and Thomas), and the church (in that order...).  He spent a decade leading youth and family ministry in the 90's, another decade as a lead pastor, and is back in a happy place in family ministries half time at Laurier.  In the other half time he drives a bobcat and builds cool outdoor stuff.  He is also pretty happy in a kitchen showing love through cooking during his spare time.  His dream and deepest prayer is that kids, teens, and families experience the incredible transforming love of God and then experience the great joy of God using them to help others experience that same love.


wes caswell

music director

Since returning to Laurier in 2014 Wes is loving the opportunity to offer to God, along with friends and family at Laurier, a joyful and united voice in praise and worship to God.  Doesn’t even seem like work!

Cheryl, Cydney and Caleb are the people Wes love’s most.  (That’s wife, daughter and son - by order of age, not intending to show any favouritism…)

When not doing something involving music Wes is passionate about avoiding hand to hand combat with Gord.



Office Administrator

Dawn has been married to Steve since 2005.  They live in St. Albert with their two kitties, Hiro and Kemuri.  She loves the mountains and the beach, hiking or relaxing with lots of reading and tea!